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About me:

My capstone project introduced me to the world of robotics. The interest I have in robotics have peeked since then. I might not be an expert in this sector, however, I am determined to improve my knowledge in robotics, Python, and C programming by attending courses. Furthermore, I am currently co-authoring a to-be-published paper on waiter robots, allowing me to learn even more. If an opportunity for a robotics engineer is provided to me, I will do the best in my abilities to prove myself.


Singapore Institute of Technology

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Aug 2018 - Sep 2021
  • GPA: 4.24/5

Final Year Capstone Project
Titled: Waiter! Campaign Please!

-Developed an omni-directional cocktail waiter robot that is capable of conveying liquids smoothly without spilling.

-Self-learnt and utilised ROS (python) on Linux (Ubuntu).

-Generated a State Machine to enable the robot to move smoothly in all directions while avoiding obstacles using the Infrared and LiDAR Sensors.


Manufacturing Engineer Intern

  • Coherent Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Jul 2020 - Jan 2021

- Provided and implemented solutions through root cause analysis in the manufacturing line. Potential defects to an optical fiber were eliminated.

- Designed and modified jigs and fixtures using Solidoworks. The efficiency of the manufacturing process was increased with the implementation.

- Aided and completed the first phase of qualification of an in-house test station.

-Provided support to the manufacturing line. Taught technicians the operation of a particular process during the support.

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