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About me:

I'm Koh Chan Ching, I'm working in the semiconductor company as a senior process technician. Good interpretation and communication skills are important for me to carry out as a communication bridge between operator and administrator. I used to understand Malay, Chinese operators and known about their situation and give them training on operation practices to meet process objectives.


I was graduated with Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, so several of my courses directly prepared me for the role of a maintenance technician. Each course in my study required precise calculation and hand on in the lab. Specifically, my final year project was design 3D printing model to improve the overhaul process in TOS Pratt & Whitney. I had to calculate the strength in every stress point and utilise CAD drawing to create a model. This course gave me real-world experience in mechanical environments.


My daily task are troubleshooting process-related issues, proform in-process control check on the correctness of key process parameters. In addition, I require to operate production equipment and train operators on good process and operation practices. Lastly, examine engineering tests is also part of my job.  Looking forward to getting a morning shift or normal shift job in order to maintain my health condition.

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