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About me:

Hello! I am a design researcher/urban analyst interested in researching and planning for future urban outcomes. I have used a variety of mediums in order to engage people with my research, which mostly has to do with the social aspects of architectural and urban discourses.

Currently, I am specializing in Space Syntax which is the empirical study of urban complexities involving movement networks. This is a cumulation of urban morphologies which have been affected by socio-economic factors. It is represented through statistics and geospatial data. I would love to discuss more about my research with you!


MSc Space Syntax: Architecture & Cities
Bartlett School of Architecture, University College
2020 - 2021 (September)

BA (Hons) Design
Goldsmiths University of London
First Class Honors
2017 - 2020

Interior Design Diploma (Merit)
Singapore Polytechnic
GPA 3.79

Certificate in Theatre Performance and
Singapore Polytechnic
GPA 4.0


Combined Singapore Network Model
In collaboration with Genevieve Lin and Ryan Tan from
Center for Liveable Cities Singapore
Network model from a segment map taking into
account to and through movement structures
within an urban network.

Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen (Art/Design
3D Modeling and Prototyping - Collaborative
work for their project “Nearly Winning”
researching gambling as a contemporary
condition resulting in simulacriums within
2020 (July - August)

Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen (Art/Design
Speculative Design & Exhibition, 3D Modeling
and Prototyping - Digitisation of their archival
artworks as 3D objects within a virtual space.
“Nearly Winning” and the casting of a live sized
3D scanned racehorse.
2019 (March - July)

Maps Design Studio Singapore
Interior Design Intern, FF&E
Working on hospitality projects (China) and
residential bungalows (Singapore). Drafting
construction drawings, material specifications,
quotes, liasing with suppliers and construction
site visits.
2016 (February - April)

Chao Tse Ann and Partners, Singapore
Spatial Design Apprentice
Sketchup modeling of architectural prototypes,
drafting of site modifications, designing
2014 - 2017 (Part-Time, 8 Months)

What kind of projects is Francine Chan looking for?

I am looking for an opportunity to join this organization as I am extremely interested in working
on the different urban landscapes.

I am open to jobs based on urban planning, spatial design, and other data-driven analytical work, preferably in the built industry.

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