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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Speaker l Author l Copywriter l Digital Marketer! 

Digital Marketer with 10 years proven track record!


SMU: Double Major in Psychology & Marketing


- Transformed an “Almost Bankrupt Tuition Centre into a Successful business in 4 weeks

- Turned a failed ecommerce beauty brand into a roaring success within 2 months

- Wrote a book on Online and Offline Marketing.

- Hired, trained and managed a team of 3 people internationally.

- Established global supply chains involving factories, warehousing and delivery.

- Managed global marketing campaigns that span across 5 continents (USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania) as well as 11 different advertising channels.

- Invited as a guest speaker and writer at Marketing Institute of Singapore, NTUC Income, 2 Business Network International (BNI) branches and Association of Professional Trainers Singapore

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