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Wei Jie

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1. Desktops/laptops leased from Personal Computer (PC) Bulk Tender

(a) Monitor the leasing schedule and billing verification for various subscriptions.

(b) Termination of leasing schedule upon completion of technology refresh.

(c) Tracking of desktops/laptops for technology refresh/new hires.

(d) Tracking of monitors and peripherals (in the storeroom) for hot desk users.

(e) Monitor and coordinate the deployment of sets for new hires.

(f) Retrieve monitor and peripherals from storeroom for hot desk users who need to terminate PC Bulk Tender set.

(a) Maintain SE users list and desktops/laptops issued.

(b) Verify the secure erasure of storage media of desktop/laptop used for SE before asset redeployment within GITD managed agencies.

(c) Oversee the removal of storage media for SE desktops/laptops before return to vendors upon lease termination, repair or disposal.

(d) Ensure appropriate security clearance is attached and valid for SE applicants before forwarding it to the relevant division or staff.

  • Administrative support for Whole of Government (WOG) and Agency Tenent Facility Management (ATFM) Services
(a) Validates ATFM and WOG Services billing reports against the Service Requests (SR) raised such as service subscription and termination.

(b) Monitor the status of all WOG/ATFM related SRs such as provisioning/de-provisioning of End User Computing Devices (EUCD) and peripherals,

(c) Monitor the SR for termination of EUCD and accounts for staff leaving service and loan of assets including peripherals

(d) Point of contact for Human Resource (HR) and GITD representative on schedule and status of service provisioning for new hires, interns,

redeployment etc.

(e) Transfer and transcribe HR new hire info, assign serial number, telephone number into SR form for the setup of EUCD.

(f) Prepare SR form to update staff's details such as cost centre, department/division in the event of staff movement related activities such as staff redeployment, re-designation or promotion.

(g) Prepare, upload and amend WOG related SR forms.

(h) Perform closure of SR upon confirmation of service completion.

(i) Monitor the software packaging and deployment status.

  • IT Asset Management
(a) Receipt and recording of assets delivered.

(b) Handover the assets to ATFM for provisioning.

(c) Monitor the software licenses purchased and usage.

(d) Monitoring and tracking of desktops/laptops/accessories assigned to


(e) Assist during asset disposal and annual stocktake exercise.

(f) Maintain a master list of all GITD software and hardware assets such as software license, desktops/laptops, Virtual Private Network (VPN) tokens,

printers and other related peripherals.

(g) Consolidate the licenses required for the annual Microsoft Subscription (MGLP) verification exercise.

(h) Reassign unused tokens to new staff or when existing staff had lost their token.

(i) Track and inform GITD when the IT devices such as notebook, token and other peripherals runs low.

  • IT Account Management
(b) Perform monthly review of end-user service subscriptions of leaving staffs to ensure all accounts had been terminated.

(d) Perform annual review of distribution list (DL) memberships of staffs.

  • General Support
(a) Updating of Outlook User Properties for change in department, title, designation, contact number, etc.

(b) Updating change in cost centre.

(c) Updating of Distribution list.

(d) Handle standard queries e.g. about tech refresh, printer, token replacement, etc.)

(f) Handle MGLP procurement queries for division-own requirements.

(g) Handle PC, Internet Surfing Device, Printer & Encrypted Storage Device Bulk

Tender (PCBT) procurement queries for non-standard or division-own requirements.

(h) Perform billing verification for various service subscriptions.

(i) Perform simple procurement related activities e.g. write funding approval, get quotations, search for product information, check bulk tender.

  • Tablet Support
(a) Verify scope (like type of IPAD, data plan, roaming requirements) with users before buying of Government Mobile Apps Access (GoMAX) device through

the period contracts.

(b) Handle generic procurement queries on GoMAX device.

(c) Handing over of GoMAX Device, SIM cards, etc. to user.

(d) Submit GoMAX or GoSync subscription SR through GoMAX portal.

  • Technology Refresh (TR)
(a) Scheduling of time slots with users for their tech refresh.

(b) Coordinate with the vendor for new laptop delivery and arrange to put them into storeroom.

(c) Work with Agency Tenent Facility Management (ATFM) to tag the new laptops with Agency Facility Management (AFM) asset tag.

(d) Remind user (of the Ministry/Agency) to be ready at scheduled time slot.

(e) Coordinate with engineers for the deployment.

(f) Monitor the status of the deployment and update the status report.

(g) Tracking the deployment status on ground and escalate issues to Project Managers.

(h) Ensure deployment forms are signed off