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    Our client is a reputable professional services company. We are currently sourcing on behalf of our client for a CEO/MD based in Singapore.

    As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/MD, your primary role entails providing strategic direction and overseeing the overall management of the company. Your responsibilities include driving the realization of the company's mission, vision, and fostering sustainable growth. Additionally, you are responsible to cultivate and guide the executive team, ensuring seamless succession planning, promoting sustainability practices, and upholding corporate governance standards within the organization.

    Key responsibilities:

    1.Overseeing Financial Performance and Sustainable Growth

    • Ensure the company's enduring financial success and expansion.
    • Collaborate with the Board to devise and execute comprehensive strategic business plans with alignment to realizing the company's mission, vision, objectives, and long-term viability including providing strategic directions, implementation strategies, budgets and orchestrating the development, promotion, and successful delivery of products and services.
    • Ensure that the organizational framework aligns effectively with the company's strategic trajectory and enact any necessary adjustments as deemed fit.
    • Vigilantly monitor and assess the performance and advancement of the company's various business and functional units in attaining their objectives. Undertake corrective measures when necessary

    2. Leader in People Management and Cultivate Organizational Development

    • Spearheading people management initiatives within the company. This encompasses the cultivation and sustenance of a proficient leadership cadre throughout the organization, aligning closely with the expectations of the board and shareholders.
    • Foster a corporate culture and set of values conducive to the company's strategic trajectory, thereby fostering heightened employee engagement and morale.
    • Ensure succession planning, particularly for pivotal roles within the company.
    • Provide strategic guidance to ensure competitive compensation and benefits packages, alongside comprehensive training and development programs for employees. This ensures the cultivation of a dynamic, forward-thinking, and highly proficient workforce poised to meet both immediate and future market challenges.

    3. Leading Business Operations Through Technological Advancements

    • valuating both present and upcoming technologies to identify their possible integration within the company, enhancing its value propositions.
    • overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, both domestically and internationally, including interactions with joint ventures and partners. Your aim is to drive cost-effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and ongoing enhancements in value creation.

    4. Manage Stakeholder Relationships

    • Prioritize customer satisfaction, monitor and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction
    • Cultivate positive relationships with regulatory bodies, business partners, vendors, and other influential entities, both locally and globally

    5. Oversee Enterprise Risk Management

    • Establish a robust process to identify, assess, and manage risks that could impact the company's objectives and long-term sustainability including encompasses financial, operational, strategic risks, regulatory shifts and technological disruptions.
    • Keeping the board informed about the company's various business risks and implementing measures to mitigate these risks

    6. Ensure Corporate Governance Compliance

    • Ensure adherence to good corporate governance practices, as well as legal, regulatory, and ethical compliance throughout the company. Provide support the Board in fulfilling its duties.

    7. Champion of Sustainability Initiatives

    • Formulate and execute the company's Sustainability Policy, direction, and strategies, which includes fostering the company's long-term financial sustainability, promoting environmental and social responsibility, and upholding high governance standards, thereby emphasizing the company's commitment to longevity and ESG principles.


    • Degree or master's degree in a relevant discipline or MBA
    • Min 5 years of experience in a senior management position in a relevant industry with P&L responsibility
    • Able to create a united cohesive organisation
    • Provide Wise leadership
    • Trustworthy
    • People focused Leadership
    • Strategic and business acumen
    • Strong advocate of Sustainability
    • Balance between risk and rewards

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