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Wei Jie

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Wei Jie

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Job Description

  • Receive incoming shipments, verify their contents, and accurately record all received items into the inventory system.
  • Organize and store products in designated locations within the warehouse, ensuring efficient space utilization and easy accessibility.
  • Pick and pack orders accurately based on order sheets or instructions provided and prepare them for shipping.
  • Collaborate with the shipping department to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Perform regular inventory counts to maintain accurate stock levels and update inventory records accordingly.
  • Assist in maintaining a clean and organized warehouse by properly disposing of packing materials and keeping work areas tidy.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain a safe work environment by following proper handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials.
  • Operate warehouse equipment, such as pallet jacks, and following safety guidelines and manufacturer's instructions.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other team members, supervisors, and management to address any inventory discrepancies or issues that arise.
  • Assist in conducting periodic audits to verify inventory accuracy and identify discrepancies.
  • Perform light maintenance tasks on warehouse equipment and report any malfunctions or damages to the appropriate personnel.
  • Participate in ongoing training and development opportunities to improve skills and stay up to date with warehouse best practices.

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