Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultant - Singapur, Singapore - Nanyang Technological University

    Nanyang Technological University
    Nanyang Technological University Singapur, Singapore

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    Full time $80,000 - $150,000 per year Healthcare


  • Providing high-quality TCM consultation and treatment services to patients.
  • Generating revenue and creating patient loyalty for the clinic.
  • Supervising students of the DD Programme on clinical internship and junior TCM Physicians
  • Preparing graduating Biomedical Sciences students for the Singapore TCM Physician Registration Examination (STRE).
  • Conducting TCM courses as part of Continuing Professional Education and sharing TCM knowledge and clinical experiences with registered TCM physicians.
  • Conducting educational TCM talks and public-run courses to raise awareness about TCM.
  • Serving as a clinical instructor and examiner to junior physicians in the clinic.
  • Ensuring incoming physicians are ready for individual practice.
  • Ensuring exam papers are set fairly.
  • Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.
  • Singapore Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
  • At least 15 to 20 years of clinical experience, preferably with specialty in TCM Gynecology / Pediatrics / Mental disorders / Geriatrics / Oncology / Pain Management.
  • Effectively bilingual and equipped with computer skills to manage electronic clinic system.
  • Professional in conduct and appearance, maintain confidentiality, and demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality care to patients.
  • 职责

  • 为患者提供高质量的中医咨询和治疗服务。
  • 提高诊所收入并建立患者忠诚度。
  • 指导生物医学-中医双学位课程及中医学位课程的临床实习,并监督初级中医师。
  • 为毕业生准备新加坡中医师注册考试(STRE)。
  • 作为中医延续教育讲座的讲师,与新加坡注册中医师分享中医知识和临床经验。
  • 作为中医课程和公开讲座的讲师,提高民众对中医的认识。
  • 担任诊所初级中医师的临床导师和考官。
  • 协助新加入诊所的医师进行准备工作,确保医师能独立看诊。
  • 协助设置考试试卷,并确保试卷的公平性。
  • 要求

  • 拥有不低于认可机构授予的中医学士学位或等同资格。
  • 拥有至少15至20年的临床经验,中医妇科/儿科/精神障碍/老年病学/肿瘤学/疼痛管理等专业领域为优选。
  • 精通英华双语,并能熟练使用计算机技能来操作电子诊疗系统。
  • 在行为与外表上表现专业,能保守公司机密,对患者提供高质量的诊疗与护理。
  • Hiring Institution: NTU