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    1 month ago

    Default job background
    $50,000 - $70,000 per year Tourism / Travel / Hospitality

    Primary Responsibilities

    In the capacity of an Event Executive:

    • Formulate, coordinate, and execute event strategies
    • Innovate and streamline procedures to enhance event support
    • Manage and oversee event logistics
    • Supervise the administration of our program portfolio
    • Gather essential data and generate reports
    • Cultivate relationships with the team, including coaches, clients, and participants
    • Offer administrative support for event management tasks
    • In the capacity of a Swim Coach (No Prior Experience Required):
    • Participate in our intensive in-house swim coaching development program, committing 30 hours weekly for the initial three months to immersive pool training.
    • Following the training period, maintain a balanced workweek, dividing your hours equally between pool instruction and events-related tasks, offering a refreshing blend of physical activity and focused desk work.
    • Deliver swimming lessons tailored to different age groups, ensuring a secure and positive learning atmosphere.
    • Develop lesson plans in accordance with our well-regarded curriculum and teaching standards, while closely tracking the progress of students.

    Job Qualifications
    • Possess a Degree/Diploma in any discipline.
    • Previous experience in the events industry is a valuable asset.
    • Demonstrates a results-driven approach and maintains a positive work attitude.
    • Exhibits a genuine passion for swimming and aquatic education.
    • Displays exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities.
    • Shows enthusiasm for continuous learning and adaptability to various roles.
    • Enjoys working in an environment focused on children.

    Why Dive into a Career with SWISH Swimming
    • Embrace a distinctive role that artfully combines creative design with the thrill of swimming.
    • Immerse yourself in a community where aquatic passion runs deep.
    • Thrive with our structured swim instructor training, setting you up for success in the pool.
    • Reap the benefits of a role that promises a well-balanced week, juxtaposing active instruction with creative design tasks.
    • Enjoy a competitive salary, appealing benefits package, and an invigorating work atmosphere.


    By the nature of our business, a majority of our swim lessons take place at a time convenient for parents and kids (i.e. afterschool or weekends). This means that the 5 day shift will be either Saturday - Wednesday or Wednesday to Sunday. Weekend commitment is absolutely a prerequisite.

    The good news is that your off days will not be hampered by full restaurants, crammed supermarkets and everyone else trying to get somewhere. The bad news is that you will need to turn down Saturday or Sunday (DAY ONLY) invites. So if all of your friends or family mainly catchup on weekends (during the day) this WILL be a problem.

    If you have friends in the events industry or working the gig economy, this will likely work better for you

    Please show your express your interest by 20th October 2023

    Plunge into a realm where creativity meets the currents. Find some balance, expand your skills and dive in with SWISH Swimming

    Job Types: Full-time

    Salary: $3,000.00 - $4,000.00 per month

    Work Location: On Site

    We apologize, but we will only be able to notify candidates who have been shortlisted for the position.

    Skills: Events Management, Event Manager, Client Relationship, Event Logistics, swim lessons

    Experience: 1.00-10.00 Years

    Education: Diploma