Database Administrator - Singapore - DATA CONNECT TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD.

    Default job background
    Roles & Responsibilities
    • Proficient in working with various types of databases such as but not limited to, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS and Aurora.
    • Responsible for administrating databases hosted in both on-premises and cloud environment such as but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, in terms of provisioning and managing database instances, setting up replication and high availability, and monitor database performance.
    • Inspect and confirm database backup is valid, database cronjobs and inform respective job owner on any job failure.
    • Monitor and perform rectification to issues found in system logs, error logs and dump files, table spaces to detect those reaching threshold, objects reaching max extents and increase extents if required.
    • Regular inspection on database objects, database schemas, database links, database users to verify if those inactive ones are required. Housekeeping of logs & dump files to control utilization of storage space.
    • Monitor for database locks and remove invalid session threads, database and listeners to be up and running at high availability.
    • Monitor for processes consuming CPU or virtual memory or with disk I/O higher than threshold values.
    • Provide necessary assistance in shutting down and starting up databases for the periodic system maintenance done during off-peak hours.
    • Perform database patching at indicated time, patching is to be tested successfully in test environment prior to applying in production.
    • Assist with immediate critical security patching at indicated time, patching is to be tested successfully in test environment prior to applying in production.
    • Provide investigation into reported issues suspected to be caused by database and perform remediation.
    • Provide support such as execution of database scripts, object deployment, database user management.
    • Perform database refresh from production to test environment.
    • Conduct reporting on the database health check, growth, and activities with recommendation for tuning of database to improve performance.
    • Provide listing on reported issues indicated with SLA compliances.
    • Work with database supplier to rectify issues related to the core product.
    • Test changes to database in a test environment prior to applying in production.
    • Maintain proper, relevant, and updated documentation of managed databases including design, setup configuration, performance tuning changes, troubleshooting-specific procedures and required reports.


    • Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator
    • Oracle Certified Professional
    • MySQL Database Administrator
    • CompTIA DataSys+ or CompTIA Data+


    • At least six months (to one year) work experience in a database administrator role.
    • At least has prior work experience or project deployment with cloud databases.
    Tell employers what skills you have

    Amazon RDS
    High Availability
    Google Cloud Platform
    Microsoft SQL
    User Management
    Performance Tuning