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    Internship $24,000 - $36,000 per year Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations

    Internship Overview:
    As a Sustainability Branding and Content Development Intern, you will play a key role in developing our brand identity and creating engaging content on LinkedIn to promote awareness and adoption of SAF. This internship offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to meaningful sustainability initiatives in the aviation sector while gaining valuable hands-on experience in branding and digital marketing.

    Duration: May 1st to July 31st (3 months)
    Location: Singapore (home office)
    Salary: 1,400 SGD all inclusive

    1. Brand Identity Development:

    • Collaborate with the CEO to define and refine the brand identity and messaging for SAF.

    • Develop creative concepts, taglines, and visual elements that effectively communicate our commitment to sustainability and innovation in aviation.

    2. Content Creation and Management:

    • Create compelling and informative content for LinkedIn posts, articles, and graphics related to SAF, aligning with market trends and latest industry developments.

    • Conduct research and gather insights to develop content that educates and engages our target audience about the benefits and advancements in SAF technology.

    3. Social Media Strategy:

    • Develop and implement a social media strategy specifically for LinkedIn to increase brand visibility, follower engagement, and thought leadership in the SAF space.

    • Monitor and analyse performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of content and make data-driven adjustments to the strategy as needed.

    4. Collaboration and Coordination:

    • Coordinate with the CEO to gather content insights and updates.

    • Collaborate with external partners, industry influencers, and stakeholders to amplify our messaging and reach a wider audience interested in sustainable aviation solutions.

    5. Campaign Support:

    • Support the development and execution of marketing campaigns and initiatives focused on promoting SAF through LinkedIn and other digital channels.

    • Assist in creating marketing collateral, presentations, and multimedia content to support SAF branding efforts.

    • Identify trade shows on SAF and related industries to get speakers opportunities and contribute to reinforcing the branding.

    Qualifications / Skills:

    • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program in Marketing, Communications, Sustainability, or a related field.

    • Strong interest in sustainability, environmental issues, and the aviation industry.

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to create compelling content for digital platforms.

    • Proficiency in social media management tools (LinkedIn especially) and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

    • Creative thinking, attention to detail, and ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

    • Previous experience or coursework in branding, digital marketing, or content creation is a plus.


    • Hands-on experience in developing brand identity and creating content for a high-growth sustainability-focused industry.

    • Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in marketing, sustainability and aviation.

    • Opportunity to make a meaningful impact by promoting SAF and contributing to a greener future in aviation.