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This position is for PaxOcean Group, a company under Kuok (Singapore) Limited.

Position Summary
Project Coordination and Management from Engineering side. The Sr. Project Engineer would be responsible for coordinating meetings with the Client and other key stakeholders of the project.

The incumbent would be in-charge of execution of all engineering project works in accordance with the Project's Technical Specification and provide the necessary engineering support to ensure timely delivery of the drawings in good quality and within budget.

Tasks and Responsibilities**-
Project Management: Strong project management skills are essential for overseeing the timely execution of drawings in accordance with the contract. This includes planning, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation and ensuring timely delivery while adhering to quality standards. He/She should regularly monitor the budget allocated for engineering to ensure it doesn't overrun. The project engineer is also expected to report weekly progress to Production and highlight areas of concerns if any.
Shipbuilding Knowledge: A solid understanding of shipbuilding processes, including ship design, construction methods, naval architecture, and marine engineering principles. This knowledge helps in overseeing and coordinating various aspects of shipbuilding projects.
Engineering Expertise: Proficiency in engineering disciplines related to shipbuilding, such as structural engineering, electrical systems, propulsion systems, and marine systems. He/She should possess the technical know-how to evaluate and make informed decisions.
Documentation Control: The project Engineer should be responsible for the document control of the project and closely coordinate with the DCC section to ensure compliance with ISO standards.
Leadership and Communication: As a senior member of the team, effective leadership and communication skills are crucial. This involves providing clear direction, motivating and guiding team members, resolving conflicts, and collaborating with various stakeholders such as designers, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients.
Problem-solving and Decision-making: The ability to analyse complex problems, identify solutions, and make informed decisions is vital in shipbuilding projects. He/She should be capable of assessing risks, evaluating alternatives, and implementing strategies to overcome challenges or delays during the construction process.
Regulatory Compliance: Familiarity with relevant industry regulations, classification society rules, and international standards is important.
Teamwork and Collaboration: The ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team is essential. He/She should be able to build strong relationships with team members, foster a collaborative work environment, and promote knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
Quality Assurance: A commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout the shipbuilding process. This includes conducting inspections, implementing quality control measures, ensuring compliance with design specifications, and addressing any non-conformities promptly.


Continuous Learning:
Staying updated with the latest developments, technologies, and best practices in shipbuilding. Being open to learning and adapting to new methodologies and tools.

  • Minimum 7 years of relevant work experience in handling Engineering Projects in the Marine and/or Offshore Industry.
  • Good Planning and Project Management skill.
  • Good Communication skills (in English) and interpersonal relationship.
  • Knowledge of Shipbuilding or Offshore industry standards and practices.
  • Good knowledge of the relevant design documentation that need to be prepared for a Marine/Offshore project covering all discipline
  • Good Knowledge of MS Excel, MS Projects and AutoCAD would be required. Familiarity with Aveva Marine software would be desirable but not a mandatory requirement.

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