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    3 weeks ago

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    Full time

    Data Scientist (DS) is responsible for end-to-end ML model development, approval, deployment, monitoring and validation process that meets MAS requirements and expectations.

    The job is to perform necessary structured and unstructured data exploration, cleaning, aggregation, features engineering, clustering analysis, modelling, tuning and validation to ensure that the model developed give a good assurance to business.

    Candidate is expected to automate and simplify machine learning (ML) workflows and deployments, as well as performance monitoring via BI tools.

    The role requires to work closely with business, risk, credit and IT teams as well.


    • Understanding the context of problem statement and Consulting relevant business teams for clarifications where required.
    • Data Exploration and Analysis on datasets to identify patterns, insights and anomalies.
    • Predictive Modelling and ML development activities such as model training on historical data, feature engineering, finetuning of parameters and validating of performance to ensure reliable and robust results
    • Experimentation and Evaluation design experiments and conduct rigorous testing to evaluate the effectiveness of different models, algorithms and methodologies, as well as measure and compare performance metrics, assess impact of variable and iterate approaches to continuously improve results
    • Collaborate with the engineering team to deploy, manage, and optimize machine learning models from sandbox into production environments, ensuring smooth integration and efficient operations
    • Building and deploying BI solutions to creating visualizations and reports to monitor model performance
    • Periodic model maintenance to ensure model scalability and reliability.
    • Communication, including the documenting of discussions and relevant processes or progress in development, as well as explainability of model(s) developed.
    • Involve in planning, execution and deployment of MLM activity
    • Translate Machine learning model(MLM) requirement to technical specifications
    • Communicate project requirement and deliverables to internal stakeholders
    • Liaise with Vendor on business requirements and project timeline

    Bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, engineering, statistical or related field.

    • Experience in related field (i.e Statistical, Computer Science, data science, Engineering, Banking etc) min of 6 years
    • Proven experience as a Data Scientist, ideally in areas of financial machine learning model development and MLOps.
    • Strong analytical skills, statistical and banking knowledge, and the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
    • Possess good communication skills
    • Working experience in implementing agile methodologies and practices for effective project management
    • Ability to work in a fastpaced environment and adapt to changing priorities.