Trade Operations Analyst - Singapur, Singapore - Czarnikow

    Czarnikow Singapur, Singapore

    1 month ago

    Default job background
    Full time Banking / Loans
    Tasks & Responsibilities:
    • To carry out post-trade contract activities and day-to-day execution of bulk physical contracts concluded by the Trading Team. This involves planning shipments to payment collection.
    • Acknowledgment of nomination to the buyer and sending it on to shipper ensuring shipper acceptance of the nomination.
    • Informing and coordinating with Trade Finance Team about all new bulk shipments where a purchase of warehoused goods that will be funded by banks are involved as TF Team needs to arrange releases.
    • Close communication with our Thailand Operations Team for bulk shipments of Thai origin as shipper communication will be handled by the Thai Team for this.
    • ensure all information like Dem/Des, documentary instruction or LCs (if required) are in place before loading.
    • Issuing documentary instructions to the shipper for timely preparation of shipping documents and follow-up on draft documents for checking.
    • Creating shipment numbers in our in-house system, Suite.
    • Ensure all drafts are checked and confirmed by the buyer and passed on to the shipper.
    • Follow up on scanned signed documents and original documents.
    • Instructing / Appointing cargo surveyors at loading and discharging port(s).
    • Create sale invoices and upload all shipping documents in Suite.
    • Ensuring payments from buyers are made in time before shipments arrive at their destination.
    • Managing the payment of suppliers, freight invoices and any other costs.
    • Preparation & maintenance of shipment files in the in-house Suite and any hard copies if required.
    • Arrange local or overseas couriers to send out original documents.
    • Updating/Extracting records of shipment plans and supplier call forward plans via Excel or system database
    • Join weekly execution calls with both the London team and the Thailand team.
    Required Skills and Experience:
    • Excellent written and verbal proficiency in English.
    • Around 3 years of experience in international import/export trade and shipping logistics is essential.
    • Experience in bulk shipment experience would be given strong preference.
    • Experience in RSA / SAOL / Sugar No. 11 rules and regulations and Incoterms would be helpful.
    • Established in negotiating documents based CAD, Bank Documentary Collection, and Documentary Letters of Credit.
    • Experience in Letter of Credit negotiation and UCP, ISBP rules would be helpful.
    • Fast learner and able to work under pressure.
    • Ability to act with integrity when dealing with confidential matters.
    • Team player with strong work ethic and excellent communication & organisational skills.
    • Computer literate in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.