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    2 months ago

    Default job background
    Restaurants / Food Service

    Job Descriptions:

    Head Chef being the Core of the restaurant, has to undertake all staff responsibilities in case of anyone's absent

    Control Ingredients ordering well in order to prevent food wastage.

    Plan and manage kitchen staffs working schedule to allow a smoother work flow

    Capable of designing and creating new and innovative yakitori dishes and accompaniments.

    To maintain high restaurant standards in line with top Yakitori restaurants

    Capable of independently preparing and cooking restaurant quality yakitori dishes and accompaniments.

    To supervise kitchen, food and drink produce inventory including costing.

    Taking up Full responsibilities of training up all kitchen Staffs working potential

    Able to work on weekends and PH


    At Least 6 Years' experience as a Yakitori Chef

    In depth knowledge of Japanese Yakitori Cuisine

    Good understanding of General Japanese Cuisine

    Established experience in managing and operating a Yakitori restaurant with a reservation only, 12 seats OMAKASE

    Highly skilled in yakitori preparations and grilling

    Presentable and professional

    Proficient communication skills are essential, particularly when engaging with customers while cooking, as it involves appropriately communicating and introducing food specialties and features

    Certification from a culinary school is a plus