Research Associate - Singapore - Singapore-mit Alliance For Research And Technology Centre

    Default job background
    $60,000 - $120,000 per year Scientific

    Project Overview

    We are seeking one or more Postdoctoral Associates, Research Engineers, or Research Scientists in computer science or related fields to join a project on 'Designing human-AI teams,' which is part of a five-year research program on 'Mens, Manus and Machina-How AI Empowers People, Institutions and Cities in Singapore (M3S).'

    Successful applicants for this position will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge, interdisciplinary projects that aim to dramatically rethink how people and AI systems will work together in the future. To do this, the project seeks to build a strong scientific foundation for how AI can augment (as opposed to replace) humans, and how humans can take advantage of the increased usefulness of AI systems across many tasks.

    We will start by combining techniques from computer science and the social sciences to create online taxonomies of tasks and design space maps of many ways humans and AI systems can work together. For example, we will experiment with using machine learning or other techniques to discover patterns in data such as process repositories.

    Then, using these knowledge bases, we will develop AI tools to automatically generate promising ways of combining humans and AI systems to perform different tasks. In the long run, we believe these tools will help rapidly (a) identify use cases for new AI capabilities, (b) specify effective processes and task allocations to humans and computers in a given situation, and (c) identify innovative ways to combine people and AI to solve business and societal problems.

    The T6 team is led by distinguished scholars, including Profs. Thomas Malone, Daniela Rus, and Abdullah Almaatouq from MIT and Profs. Marcelo Ang and Bryan Low from the National University of Singapore and will be assisted by Prof. Archan Misra from Singapore Management University.

    Job Description

    Successful candidates for this job will participate in one or more activities like the following:

    • Developing semi-formal descriptions of activities and processes that can be performed by people and/or AI systems.
    • Developing database and user interface tools for online knowledge bases of these activities and processes.
    • Develop software applications that use these online knowledge bases to, for example:suggest innovative ways of combining humans and AI to solve various kinds of problems.
      specify detailed workflows, task assignments, and software modules to do this.
    • Collaborate with the project team and other researchers to design, implement, and evaluate research projects.
    • Perform other duties as needed.
    • Publish research results in top-tier conferences and journals, and disseminate research findings through presentations and other means.
    • Participate in the mentorship and training of graduate and undergraduate students at MIT and in Singapore.
    • Assist in grant writing, project management, and other administrative duties related to research activities.

    Job Requirements

    • PhD in Computer Science or Engineering (including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction) with at least one year of research experience post-Ph.D.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
    • DESIRABLE:Strong publication record in top-tier conferences and journals.
      Familiarity with statistical data analysis tools and techniques

    This role is primarily based in Singapore.

    To apply, please visit our website at:

    Interested applicants are invited to send in their full CV/resume, cover letter and list of three references (to include reference names and contact information). We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified