DevOps Trainee - Singapur, Singapore - Tencent

    Tencent Singapur, Singapore

    1 month ago

    Tencent background
    Full time $30,000 - $50,000 per year Technology / Internet



    Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of account services, solving various technical stuck points, and ensuring the stable operation of account services;2.

    Responsible for the monitoring and tooling construction of account services to ensure the efficient operation of account services;3.

    Responsible for the operation and maintenance support of key node accounts of key game businesses, and assist the business in deployment architecture assessment and account capacity management.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, computer or related major, familiar with cloud native technology architecture, and practical experience in kubernetes;2. Familiar with Unix/Linux operating system and Shell/Python scripting language. Applicants with relevant development experience are preferred;3. Familiar with databases such as Mysql/Redis and open source services such as Nginx and Apache;4. Familiarity with the daily operation and maintenance of the AWS/GCP/Azure/Tencet Cloud multi-cloud platform is preferred;5.

    Have strong pressure resistance, promotion ability, good service awareness and teamwork ability, and be able to proactively discover and explore potential operation and maintenance needs;6.

    Have good communication and coordination skills and awareness of proactive optimization, and be able to proactively summarize relevant experience and optimize work processes;7.

    Have certain project management capabilities and awareness, be able to proactively take on work with blurred boundaries in the team with an owner mentality, and coordinate internal and external resources to promote final implementation.