Site Engineer - Singapore - R.J. CROCKER CONSULTANTS PTE. LTD.

    Default job background
    $60,000 - $100,000 per year Engineering / Architecture
    Roles & Responsibilities
    • Ensure that good safety and high quality of work are being carried out by the Contractor in compliance with the statutory requirements
    • To provide wherever and whenever necessary standing supervision for the construction of civil and structural works in accordance with the Project specifications, construction drawings and Building Control Act and Regulations.
    • To assist SRE in the management and control of a team of site staff or Resident Technical Officer(s)
    • To assist SRE in administrative control on the site staff, instil and maintain discipline, and punctuality, keep daily records of staff attendance, and other matters concerning the site staff administrative matters.
    • To oversee all aspects relating to the construction of the Project, keeping and submitting records.
    • To provide full support and assistance, as and when directed by the SRE or client
    • To check and assess temporary works by the Contractor to ensure that the works are safe and in compliance with all relevant Regulations.
    • To ensure that the Contractor's working procedure complies with the agreed method statement and relevant workplace safety and health regulations and to direct modification to the procedure, if necessary, to comply with the agreed method and safety and health regulations.
    • To oversee Tunnelling works
    • Any other Adhoc tasks are given by management


    • Min 4 years of civil engineering experience
    • Min 2 years of experience in various tunneling works
    • Degree in Civil Engineering
    • Accredited as a RE with a valid 2022/2023 IES certificate
    • Accredited as a RE(Tunnel) with a valid 2022/2023 IES certificate
    • comfortable with 56 hour work week
    Tell employers what skills you have

    Risk Assessment
    Workplace Safety
    Safety Analysis
    Structural Engineering
    Construction Drawings
    Civil Engineering
    Ground Improvement
    Workplace Safety and Health