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    · Document residents' night activities in the activity log book.

    · Inform the ED of any non-compliance of house rules, any out-of-the- ordinary observation pertaining to residents' personal, relational & social behaviour. Document the above and write an incident report/minor report if necessary.

    · Ensure residents' compliance of house rules, and work closely with Team to enforce surveillance of residents' behaviour, both while residents are in the Centre and upon return from work/study and home leave.

    · Check residents upon return from outside - belongings, clothes, urine test, breathalyser, when requested for by ED. Document the above.

    · Ensure that a working resident's bag is deposited and properly locked in her assigned locker upon return from work after staff has checked.

    · Hand phone/ laptop are to be switched off and kept out of bounds from the residents during battery charging.

    · Check residents before leaving for work/study in the morning – belongings, clothes, hand phones. Document the above if necessary.

    · Monitor the CCTV to ensure the resident's compliance. Document the above if necessary.

    · Guide residents in their devotional reading in the morning before breakfast.

    · Attend to phone calls. Document in the log book if necessary.

    · Attend to residents' request to make phone-calls to their family members. Document the above. Alert ED of unusual behaviour/ reaction by resident during/following the call. Document the above and put up an incident report if necessary.

    · Assist day staff or volunteers attending to the residents at night (for e.g. call for taxis, make a drink, etc).

    · Attend to residents who need to take their medication. Ensure that the medication is taken by resident concerned and not shared with others. Document the above.

    · Attend to visitors or volunteers coming in for visit or activity in the evening. Ensure that only scheduled visit or activity is allowed.

    · No outsider is allowed to enter without prior permission from the ED.

    · Ensure that all doors/windows are locked and opened appropriately.

    · Ensure that the alarm is appropriately armed at night and disarmed in the morning. Document the above.

    · Call/attend to Cisco phone calls when the alarm is triggered. Reset the alarm system to normal.

    · Filing and other paper work required during the night shift.

    · Escort resident to the A&E or doctor during night shift.

    · Prepare residents' medical record forms (as standby for emergencies).

    · Manage residents' medicine box and dispensing of their medication.

    · Manage first aid box (to do regular inventory & discard expired medication etc.)

    · Act as the fire safety and workplace safety officer (Perform monthly fire drills and ensure all fire safety equipment in working order etc.)

    Handle other projects or assignments as determined by the ED.



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