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5 Best Tips To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Even though cosy little spaces are in trend, they can turn into a huge disgrace when small bedrooms are expected to fit too much in them. Apart from that, there are many other things as well that make it look smaller than it already is. So, in this post, we tell you the secrets to organising that small bedroom of yours well and make it look the way it is, if not bigger. Let’s begin.

5 Best Tips To Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Use a light colour palette-

Paint the wall of your room in light color and shades of greys, pinks, beiges and white can be mixed and matched to add life to the room while not making it look too small to be. Also, you can play with accessories as they won’t impact the size of the room. Use pillows, throws, runners and nice printed blankets in your room. Moreover, you should not forget to place a rug on the floor.

Choose the mattress size-

The size of the mattress should not be so overwhelming that it covers all of your bedroom. So, maybe a single mattress should suffice. You can buy two single mattress in bangalore or elsewhere and stock them on the bed that is placed one over the other. This will help you consume less space.

Have a focal wall-

By all means, you should have a focal wall in your bedroom. This will also help you divert your attention. You can make a gallery wall, put unique accessories or anything creative that you can think of. If you have a fear that it can lead to creating a cluster and overpower the other interesting elements of your room then you should add visual interest by painting one wall in a darker tone.

Use smart furniture-

Nothing can ignore the importance of furniture in a room. So, besides buying a mattress in Banglore or any other city you stay in, you should also start getting furniture that has curves. The TV should be mounted on the wall. Use tall and shallow furniture that have a lesser footprint than the usual.

Create space using lights-

Hang mirrors in your bedroom. The reflection and brightness will make space look much bigger. You can use lighting as an add on too. So, buy hanging lights and lamps.

Apart from the aforementioned tips you can also hit two birds with one arrow by making your bed a storage place as well. Wither get the carpenter make shelves beneath it or get one online. Yes we are talking about the foot of the bed. You can also use decorated baskets to keep things like laundry in it.

By now, we feel you have mastered the art, at least half of it, in making bed consume less and less of the space. But, don’t feel you can do it all now, every room is different and the storage and furniture require a lot of thought. So take your time, Good luck!

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