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5 Important Types Of Translations You Should Know About

Translation has become one of the most demanded services across various industries. From PR application translation to administrative translations, the experts should be proficient in their required fields. The native language differs from region to country. Hence, they must express the information accurately.  And also without compromising the quality of the content. Different types of translation require different technical skills.



Few Important Types of Translation


  1. Financial Translation


Financial translation involves the translation related to financial, banking, and other related documents. This type of translation service requires sheer precision.


  • Medical Translation


Translation company in Singapore provides expertise in Medical translation. It covers the content on medicals products and devices. Research papers, medical journals, and other related documents are also included.

Medical translation is one of the complex translation services. It is because of the comprehensive descriptions and procedure. Also, each country has its ethical norms, which have to be considered.


  • Commercial Translation


Commercial translation includes the translation related to business. An expert proficient in language could provide exceptional quality document translation services. The translator should have a basic knowledge of the business. It is because of the translation of business-related documents as it includes reports, accounts, folios, tender documents, etc. Hence having prior knowledge would help in translating the text accurately.





  • Technical Translation


With rapid production, many products are launched on a global scale. All this requires a technical translation of the documents related to the product. For instance, instruction manual, guide, technical report, and so on. One has to make sure that documents translated should be easy to read.


  • Legal Translation


Along with globalization, the opportunities to expand the business are also increasing exponentially. And with it, there is great demand for legal translation services.

Legal translations are complex. Having a translator with legal background would make the work effortless. Translation services of the contracts, memorandums, agreements, wills, etc., need accuracy.  All these have to be well-considered while translating a document.





The customer would feel more at ease to read the instruction or content in their native language. The people of the other countries should well perceive it.

Globalization has increased the demand for services from technical to notarized translation Singapore. The legal, cultural, and social norms differ state-wise and country-wise. All of which has to be considered to produce an excellent result. For more any detail about our company services, please visit our website Berlo Translations.

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