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Is It Possible To Reside In A Rented Storage Space?

There has been an increasing number of incidents reporting people who try to live in storage spaces in an attempt to stave off paying rent or who have lost access to their homes in one way or another. These reports are on the rise in western countries like the US and UK and Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Living in a rented storage unit is a breach of local laws and/or storage contract. A storage unit rented for a Document storage service, for instance, being used for residence, is a blatant breach of contract. 


Why Living In A Storage Unit Is Unsafe 

There are quite a few reasons why attempting to reside in a storage space is a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at why that might be the case:

  • They tend to lack ventilation: Storage units aren’t designed for more than a few hours of accommodation; the lack of air and sunlight due to a lack of windows can prove detrimental to one’s health. No amount of Extra space storage can make up for the lack of lighting and oxygen.
  • You might lock yourself while inside: Storage units have roll-up doors designed to be locked from the outside for security reasons. The storage firm may have security on-site that will check if these doors are locked and closed. Although this is done for security reasons, any individual secretly residing in the unit will be trapped as a consequence.


  • There is a lack of water and electricity: While some storage units might have plug outlets, water is pretty much a no-go in any Self storage space rental Singapore has to offer. This means a lack of access to drinking water or using a bathroom and toilet. The lack of these two necessities is enough to deter most people.
  • It will land you in trouble: Trying to live in a storage unit is something that requires discretion, which is difficult as most storage firms have CCTV cameras or some other measure of security that is bound to find you sooner rather than later.


Why People Choose To Live in Storage Units

One of the most common reasons for an individual to live in a storage unit is financial issues. They may be unable to pay their rent or may have somehow lost access to their residence and be tempted by some of the Cheapest storage space Singapore has to offer.



Attempting to live in a storage space is an impractical, illegal, and potentially lethal idea. Those without shelter should seek other alternatives.

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