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MacBook Repair in Dubai

MacBook is the best laptop present in the market, launched in the year 2008 Apple has provided a variety of top-class laptops over the years. No other brand was able to beat MacBook in the market due to its unique design, performance, security, specifications and many other functions which are not present in other laptops. Since Apple has its own OS, the software used in the laptop helps in enhancing the experience of the user.

In the end, even MacBook is also an electronic gadget which is prone to damage, internally and externally. At FixerMan, provide a variety of MacBook repair services which will make your laptop as a new one.

MacBook Repair in Dubai

MacBook Pro screen replacement

MacBook screen replacement can cost you tons of AED if you are not visiting the right store, fake screens can further damage your laptop and make it beyond repair. At FixerMan, we will provide you with the best quality screen present with us and replace it with the broken one between 800 AED to 1500 AED, depending on the model of the MacBook.

Battery Repair:

With FixerMan you will be able to replace or repair the battery of your MacBook within a day. We will check what the problem is and whether or not you require a new battery; based on our technician's analysis we will repair your MacBook accordingly.

Internal Repair:

We provide full repair for the hard drive of the MacBook, Fan and keyboard repair. We also provide repair services for damage to the body of the MacBook and upgrading the Ram of the MacBook as new software might require upgrading the RAM.

MacBook Repair Dubai

We are the best MacBook repair services in the city, we have been providing same day repair to our clients who have seen how fast yet qualitative work we have provided to them. It might get hard to find the right service centre which provides you services at the right budget. You might also end up searching for 'MacBook repair near me', but at FixerMan you can get the final quote of the repair before you go through our services.


How does our service at FixerMan work?

Log onto our website ( and select the MacBook model you have and service you require. Next choose the type of service you require such as upgrading RAM, Body, Hard drive, Screen, Fan, keyboard, battery repair and more. After choosing the type of service required, choose the type of service you want, i.e. whether you want to visit our centre or want your product to be picked up or want our service van to reach your home.

We believe in providing quality services to our clients where they are able to find the solutions to all of their MacBook related problems. We also have a business WhatsApp chat number (+971588334963) where you can reach out to us to understand how the repair service works in detail and to get the quote for the repair. You can reach out to us on the same number for further queries.

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