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Tips To Buy The Perfect Office Chair For Your Professional Space!

An office chair is an object you spend the most amount of time within your workspace. Unlike TV Consoles and fabric sofa, an office chair is a utility item, an object which can influence your productivity or hamper it, as the case may be.



There are plenty of factors to consider when purchasing an office chair, viz. ergonomics, fabrics, height, your budget, and the type of chair, amongst other factors. A common mistake made by many people is going for a chair that they find to be the cheapest. Office chairs are a different breed from, say, a dining chair and high chairs, both in design and purpose.


How To Choose A Suitable Office Chair

Here’s how one should look for a suitable office chair:

  • Choosing the right material: Office chairs are available with three primary fabrics, viz. mesh, fabric, and leather. All three of these materials have pros and cons of their own, so you should pick one that suits your needs.
  • Your Budget: It is recommended that you avoid top-of-the-line as well as bargain-basement office chairs. The former is more likely to be focused on aesthetics over good ergonomics, and the latter is likely to come with poor ergonomics and durability. Purchasing or importing a mid-range office chair or a used premium office chair from a Lounge Chair furniture shop in Singapore or other countries with reliable manufacturers is a good bet.
  • Ergonomic considerations: While every office chair is designed to be ergonomic, not everybody has the same body type. Ergonomic office chairs go a step further, allowing you to customize the height, backrest/lumbar, armrests, headrest, and more. These chairs can let you customize your sitting position as per your body shape and personal requirements. Some chairs also have a self-adjusting backrest that dynamically adjusts to the way you are currently seated.
  • Try before you splurge: It is recommended that you skip online shopping shenanigans altogether and visit a physical outlet when it comes to office chairs. Trying out a chair is the best way to determine if it is the right fit for you or not. Although this method isn't accurate for gauging long-term comfort, you'll still glean a basic idea of how the chair feels instead of going in blind with an online purchase.


Having a comfortable and ergonomic office chair in your workspace can go a long way towards improving your work productivity and experience. With this article, you'll be in a better position to choose a suitable office chair.

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