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What Are the Best Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures?

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+ What Are the Best Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures?


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Although amazing progress has been made in the creation of fat reduction procedures and non-surgical, non-invasive alternatives, finding the best non-surgical weight loss, non invasive fat reduction singapore procedure can be a bit difficult. Although there are some minimally invasive but surgical weight loss procedures, there are not many non-surgical weight loss procedures. However, it turned out to be a Intragastric balloon Singapore.

Obesity may have many factors: genetics, emotions, friends and family, lifestyle, medical conditions. It is difficult to achieve long-term weight loss by diet and exercise alone. Most candidates tend to regain weight quickly. This is why people look for the most suitable fat reduction treatment for them.
Unfortunately non invasive fat reduction singapore treatments can have daunting side effects and can cause irreparable long-term damage to your body. This is enough to scare those who wish to have other options. Although there are not many non-surgical alternatives, there are some  surgical weigh loss methods that can be combined with non-surgical weight loss procedures (Intragastric balloon Singapore)

Non Surgical Weight Loss Methods
One method of non-surgical weight loss is through diet and exercise. Talking with your doctor to formulate the best plan that suits you and your weight loss goals is important to your health. They can suggest different diets to help you lose weight, as well as the correct training or exercise time that best suits that diet choice.

Lifestyle Intervention
By changing your dietary intake and physical activity, you can start losing weight. One problem with choices like this is how easy it is to regain weight if you are a little careless in your schedule. Many obese people who try to lose weight only through these methods find it difficult to maintain the weight they lost.


With a medical weight loss program that requires medication, the right pill can help you lose 5-10% of your weight within a year. In most cases, the medication must be taken continuously, otherwise you may quickly regain the weight you lost before.

Best Non Surgical Weight Loss Procedure
The best non-surgical weight loss method on the market is a Swallowable Weight loss balloon. It is completely non-surgical and minimally invasive to the body. There are no cuts or small holes in the body.

How It Works
Insert the deflated Intragastric balloon Singapore into the mouth by swallowing or through an endoscope tube (depending on the company you choose). There are 4 types of balloons, 3 of which are available in the Singapore Orbera, ReShape, and Obalon. Each program takes 20-30 minutes to complete. It flows down your esophagus and falls on your stomach. Once it reaches the stomach, it will expand to occupy a part of the stomach space, making the patient feel full before eating, resulting in the patient eating less and losing weight. The patient lost as much as one-third of his excess weight within 6 months.

Benefits of Intragastric balloon Singapore

In addition to being a non-surgical option, doctors and patients agree that it is a safer alternative than Intragastric sleeves, Intragastric bypass and even LAP-BAND. Regardless of non-surgical, it can still significantly reduce weight while allowing you to eat without restriction, feel longer, and reduce hunger. The weight loss effects of Intragastric balloons include health benefits such as improving diabetes, heart health, and joint/bone problems.




After Procedure
After Swallowable Weight loss balloon, the patient can be discharged on the day of the operation, so the patient does not need to stay overnight. It takes 3 days to fully recover, and counter-options via a Intragastric balloon (such as bypass or cannula) can be further improved, which may take weeks or months to recover. limit. Eating transitions can help you start with better eating and lifestyle habits, which can help your future health when you decide to take off. After 6 months, the balloon will be removed.

Downsides To The Procedure
Some disadvantages of Intragastric balloon  are that the risk of complications is lower than other surgeries, but there are still minor and temporary side effects. If the patient requires sedation, some complications may be the result of the risk of general anesthesia. The risk of balloon deflation is very low and can cause blockage. To avoid this, the balloon is filled with blue or green dye, which changes the color of urine and reminds the patient to deflate. Sometimes medications may be prescribed to prevent ulcers. Other risks include acute pancreatitis and balloon hyperinflation. Use this procedure because it is temporary and weight rebound may occur.

Side Effects
Some minor side effects to the procedure include:

·         Bloating

·         Intolerance to certain foods

·         Nausea or vomiting

·         Stomach cramps

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