Elliot Ivan

Elliot Ivan

Singapore - Singapore

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About me:

Hello there! I an Elliot Ivan (El). I am a Digital Transformation Consultant in Singapore and my job is to develop
MES Software for manufacturing firms in Singapore. I am a part of the MES Team of Cerexio and I help corporates the importance of traversing to Industry 4.0 through new technologies.


Digital Transformation Consultant Cerexio I am a Digital Transformation Consultant in Cerexio and my responsibility is to incorporate modern technologies into existing IT solutions so that industrial giants can remain competitive in the fluctuating technological influences that have been disrupting their operations. I am an expert in Industry 4.0 standards and means to meet these standards through new-age technologies. I currently work for the MES team of Cerexio. I develop Advanced Manufacturing Execution Systema boosted by modern technologies and advanced intelligent tools. I personally believe that digital transformation is inevitable and companies of the digital age must not overlook it. This is why I joined Cerexio to continue believing and proving that meeting Industry 4.0 standards are not just good-to-have capabilities but a technology must-upgrade and noteworthy capability for any industrial entity.

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