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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Simple. I like things simple. I always try to find an easier way to do things. I like working in teams because I find that more can be achieved. I also enjoy meeting and interacting with people. To build on relationships. I believe that everyone I come into contact with knows something I do not. Because I’m curious. I enjoy learning and like to understand how things work. I believe knowledge is king. I crave success and will work hard for it, but at the same time, I also believe other aspects of life require my attention as well. 


Armed with a Communications degree from Monash University, I like to believe I possess strong communication skills and interact well with most people, if not all. Education had created awareness of the world we live in and has catalysed my interest in what goes on around me.


Currently a partner of a BBQ restaurant, I possess over 16 years of working experience. In addition to co-running a business, I am accomplished in the fields of Business Development, Account Management and Client Relations. Having also worked in the Digital industry for over 7 years, I have much knowledge of the online arena.

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