Suhailah Binte Isnin


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About me:

A go-getter who will strive her best to overcome any challenges in her way. Also, a green enthusiast who tries to make environmentally responsible choices and loves to immerse herself in the greenery by hiking and cycling in nature parks and trails.


Academic wise, I graduated with Honors (merit) from National University of Singapore (NUS) majoring in Life Science specialising in Environmental Biology with a minor in Aquatic Ecology. I am also a Biotechnology diploma (merit) holder from Singapore Polytechnic (SP).


I have been working and contributing my skills and energy as a Research Engineer in a research company called Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) for almost 5 years now. The research team that I am in is generally focusing on the study of peat swamps in Brunei in terms of water table, gas exchange such as methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapour between the ecosystem and the atmosphere and also understanding the biology of an endemic and once endangered peat swamp tree species, Shorea albida. My main project is a citizen-science peat swamp restoration in Brunei that involves the planting of Shorea albida. As a project lead, I have to liaise with institutional, governmental, and non-governmental stakeholders from Singapore and Brunei for this restoration project. 

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