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About me:

Hello there! I'm Yen Ming. A little more about myself; I'm pretty technologically inclined, with strong knowledge & familiarity with digital trends, various social media platforms and campaigns management systems. I'm a detail-oriented & hardworking individual seeking a digital marketing position to leverage my skills & experience with digital marketing.


My most relevant & recent education will be the SGUS certification in Digital Marketing. During this course, we learnt about the fundamentals of marketing such as conducting consumer & competitor research, how to manage & run paid campaign ads on social media, as well as marketing content development. We also had a 3-month practicum that is tied to a marketing firm, for a more hands-on learning through campaigns & content developments, which I explain in the next section.



After I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, I started out as an Operations Executive in the steel industry, and I worked there for about 5 years. I did a lot of inventory management, prepping of quotations for clients to bid/tender for construction projects, a little bit of sales & handling of client relationships in this process. However, I decided to leave as I wanted to upskill myself and I was hoping to expand my experience across a different industry. Hence, I took a 1 year course in Digital Marketing to learn more skillsets that are relevant to the current situation & current trends.

As I mentioned that I was tied to a marketing firm during the course, we helped them to carry out a project to help a cookware distributor increase their digital presence and brand awareness online, as they have been too focused on the sales in the traditional brick-&-mortar store. We are helping them to seamlessly transit into the digital environment which is very essential, especially during this current pandemic. So I led a team of 5 people including myself to carry out research on the company, its competitors, as well as our target group. After which, we worked on campaigns that we think are able to boost up their brand awareness digitally, as well as the budget planning. We also created contents & designed some marketing collaterals to propose & pitch to our client. 

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