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Which companies look for six sigma professionals specifically?

Have you just completed a certification in Six Sigma or planning to do one? Now a new question arises, which companies are looking for Six Sigma Certification holders?  

Getting certified is one thing, but getting a good job is not a piece of cake. There are many questions that are creating noise in the minds of Six Sigma Professionals. The arousal of such questions is obvious as one invests a significant amount of time and money to earn new skills. Before mentioning the name of the companies that hire Six Sigma Professionals, I would like to explain how Six Sigma fits into any organizational structure. 

Which companies look for six sigma professionals specifically?

Six Sigma is an assemblage of tools and strategies used for business process improvement. This assemblage was structured to enhance profitability and customer satisfaction. Careerera is the right place for quality management professionals to pursue their dream six sigma certification and strengthen their knowledge to give you the winning edge. Given below are the benefits of Six Sigma : 

It reveals quality complexities, faults, and week spots and gives an estimate of waste. 

It analyzes the issues and makes use of the correct tools to solve them. 

It succors in spotting and solving difficulties to procure solutions to complexities with its tremendous tools. 

It ameliorates the statistics that outline the complexities first and then gauges the failures and bestows desired and authentic solutions. 

An organization implementing Six Sigma with proper investment can be a center of quality excellence.

Another fringe benefit of Six Sigma is that it performs well with various management tools.  

Factors making Six Sigma set apart from other quality enhancement initiatives are Efforts to achieve definite and finite financial benefits from every Six Sigma program, increased value for good and ardent leadership and assistance in management, and clear assurance that decisions are taken at the core of demonstrable evidence and statistical processes, rather than assumptions and projections.

Now let's have a look at the top-notch companies that hire Six Sigma Professionals : 

The 3M Company - An American Multi-industry company that is operating in the fields of worker safety, Consumer Goods, and US health care. 

Amazon - Another giant that emphasizes e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming amidst a surfeit of offerings. It has also benefited a lot from adopting Six Sigma principles. 

Atos - European multinational IT services company. It has many offices around the world. 

BAE Systems plc - British multinational defense, security, and aerospace company that is known to be one of the earliest implementers of Lean and Six Sigma to improve quality while cutting errors and reducing waste.  

  • Bank of America - An American multinational investment bank and a premier financial services company that aims to reduce errors as much as possible with respect to time. They have hired around 3000+ Six Sigma professionals. 

Wipro - A multinational corporation based in India, that provides IT, business process and consulting services. 

CAT - A well-known brand for heavy machinery used for construction.

Dell -  A computer technology company.

Credit Suisse - it is an investment bank and financial services provider.

General Electric Company (GE) - It operates through segments like healthcare, renewable energy, aviation, digital industry, power, venture capital, additive manufacturing, and finance and lighting.

Ford Motor Company - it is an automobile and commercial vehicle provider 

  • Boeing - It design, manufacture and sell airplanes.

Motorola - It is a telecommunication company.

Kodak - It provides camera-related products and photography. 

The adoption of Six Sigma upholds the reality to specification. The method variance is treated by Six Sigma. The business can not pay to mark a much-unattached specification, and as set out in the Six Sigma model, they can also not mark away from the great declaration point. Furthermore, such methods are bolstered by proficient Six Sigma professionals.  These professionals understand the application of arithmetical quality controls to evaluate the method of adroitness and create space for progress. Hence, the methodology and model of Six Sigma provides the winning edge. 

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